Mamas Healing Trauma®

Mission: Breaking the cycle of Trauma in this generation of our youth.

Empowering Mothers who have children and young adults suffering with Post Traumatic Stress, Panic Attack and Anxiety

"MAMA": The word most often heard on the battlefield because when man is in the most difficult trials of his life, even when facing death, he cries out to the person who will give him strength and consolation - Mother. "MAMA" is written in the heart of every man. This is a time when the world needs "MAMA" to wipe the tears of all children from the battlefield of life, where many have endured horrific wounds.

    "I had the opportunity to work with Chrissie in an attempt to better understand my anxiety attacks... Her approach allowed me to play an active role in my own process and for that I could not be more grateful. Her appreciation of the brain's natural response to stress and trauma was explained in a way that made sense, and as a physical therapist, I have come out the other side of this process and am no longer afraid of my own anxiety and realize it is something that I can manage with diligent practice and awareness." -Alex B.