Collection: About Mamas Healing Trauma®

Welcome to Mamas Healing Trauma®

A self-help website for mothers who are feeling helpless and searching for a hands-on role in your child's or young adult's Post Traumatic Stress, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety.

Mamas Healing Trauma® offers instruction in techniques I created as a result of my own self-healing from undiagnosed developmental trauma (C)PTSD, including a six-year period in the thousand-mile-stare where I was unable to stand or walk without collapsing, could not speak, read, feel emotion or physical pain, and was affected with total amnesia, other than knowing my two sons and my youngest brother.

I am not a medical professional, a therapist, nor do I hold a degree in Psychology. I am a mother, just like you. And through my own war with trauma, I discovered a way to harness the brain's natural calming mechanisms to completely eliminate my Flashbacks, Dissociation, Panic Attacks and Anxiety and now live a fulfilled, symptom-free life.

After my nearly decade-long battle against what I refer to as "The Abyss", I ultimately used what I discovered in order to heal my own son from his Panic Attacks and Anxiety, which began when he was eight years old.

I will show you how to do this for your child too.

Located in Annapolis, Maryland, Mamas Healing Trauma® is inspired by my personal healing journey which began in 2011 when my brain began to shut down as the ultimate defense mechanism after I witnessed the death of a man. The clue to my own healing was actually in the dying words of that man when he spoke his final word, "Mama!"

All of the information is based on my personal experience and my own research into why I was able to heal myself and go on to do the most important work of my life- to heal my son.

I am here to let you know that when it comes to trauma, the Maternal Source is the most formidable opponent to trauma. And when it comes to our children, a Mama fears nothing.

"I Wish You Happiness"

Chrissie Zee